Will and Deceased Estate Lawyers in Brisbane

Founded in 2012, The Estate Lawyers is a boutique law firm based in Brisbane. We were established for the sole purpose of providing specialised advice in all Queensland based Will and Deceased estate matters. Our Will and Deceased estate lawyers in Brisbane have a particular passion for Deceased estate law, especially Deceased estate and trust litigation. We don’t represent clients in any other legal matters. Instead, we choose to practice solely in estate law because it is our passion and what our lawyers want to do.

Why choose us as your lawyers for your Will or Deceased estate matter

  1. We specialise. We do not dabble. Our purpose is to provide you with the best advice and obtain for you the best results possible in any Will or Deceased estate matter. Therefore you will not be represented by a lawyer who knows a little about many things. Instead you will be represented by lawyers who practice in Deceased estate lawyers all day every day.
  2. We are a boutique law firm. We do not want to be the biggest law firm in Brisbane. Instead, we want to remain as a boutique law firm whereby we are large enough for our Will and Deceased estate lawyers in Brisbane to provide specialist advice to our clients about Wills and Deceased estates and so that we can act in large estate litigation matters, yet remain small enough to provide you with a personalised service to ensure that you as our client feel wanted and valued, rather than just being a number.
  3. We fix our fees. Most lawyers charge by the hour whereby your bill ends up being calculated by how long it takes the lawyer to do the job, rather than paying a fixed fee for the completion of the job. At The Estate Lawyers, we believe the time taken by the lawyer to complete the job should not be at your risk – it should be at the lawyer’s risk. Our Will and Deceased estate lawyers in Brisbane fix fees with you for any job before we commence work. We can do this because of our years of experience mean we know what work is needed in any estate law matter to provide cost certainty for our clients.
  4. We win Trials. As strange as it may sound, not many estate lawyers have Trial experience. This is because our legal system is designed to resolve Will and estate disputes by consent at settlement conferences before Trial. Our Directors have significant Trial experience because we refuse to settle for anything other than the best results in Deceased estate and trust litigation. We have never lost an estate dispute which we have taken to Trial and so if your case warrants heading to Trial, we will be pleased to take you there so we can win for you.

For further information about our estate litigation and estate administration services, please download either of the information brochures below.
To speak with one of our Will and deceased estate lawyers in Brisbane, please contact us on 07 3229 2215. We would like the chance to represent you.



Professional Staff


Kent Dalziel Managing Director

Kent’s background has predominately been in Will and estate litigation matters.

Kent regularly accepts appointments in Will disputes or estate litigation matters as Litigation Guardian for disabled people or children whereby his job is to protect their interests. He also accepts appointments by the Supreme Court as Administrator of estates when an independent person is needed due to a dispute between either the Executors or the beneficiaries of the Will.

Kent has significant Court and Trial experience in a variety of different estate issues. Please click on the following links to see some of the published Judgments in Court matters in which Kent has been involved:

  • Estate of Manly – a claim by the Deceased’s widow for further provision from his estate
  • Estate of Donovan – an argument surrounding the proper payment of the Deceased’s superannuation
  • Estate of Dalton – to protect the interests of a disabled beneficiary from a claim by his uncle
  • Estate of Colston – a dispute surrounding the removal of an Executor and trustee and the proper administration of a trust
  • Estate of Schuhmacher – litigation surrounding the construction and meaning of a trust deed and whether monies in the Deceased’s bank account were estate funds;
  • Estate of Petty – where directions where sought from the Court as to the meaning of a Deceased person’s ambiguous Will which the Deceased made at home.